Is online yoga teacher training expensive?

For a variety of reasons, online yoga teacher training makes more sense for many of us. An online yoga certification course offers flexibility and a framework that entirely allows for full immersion, in addition to being far more cost-effective than in-person yoga teacher training. You can watch online modules as many times as you need or want until you feel you’ve understood the content, and online courses can be taken on your own time, so you’re never stuck at the back of the class unable to hear! You’re also not easily distracted. It’s astonishing how much pressure we place on ourselves in a solitary learning setting while we’re doing affordable online yoga teacher training.

What should the cost of yoga teacher training be?

There’s no one-size-fits-all solution to this, but it’s always helpful to have options. The cost of an online yoga teacher training programme varies greatly. Accredited and established trainings start at around $375 and run all the way up to around $2,700, with everything in between. Yoga has become somewhat branded in the sense that some “yogalebrities” have developed their own style and training methods, which will be more expensive than the courses we’re talking about. And other yogis may have a favourite and desire to study under a well-known yoga teacher; attending such trainings will be more of an investment. Choosing an online yoga school to attend is a highly personal decision depending on your values.

What is the reason for the high cost of yoga teacher training?

The truth is that if you enrol in an affordable online yoga teacher training certification, yoga teacher training does not have to be so costly. When it comes to yoga teacher training, there is a wide range of prices. It is entirely possible to train as a yoga teacher for less than $400.

Is it possible to get yoga teacher training online?

Yes, you may complete an online yoga teacher training program and become a certified yoga instructor. In 2015, the first online yoga teacher training program was created. Then, as online course platforms become more strong and sophisticated in 2020, many yoga schools and teachers converted their in-person training to online formats. With today’s online YTTs, you can expect a very personal, experiential, and high-quality session.